Celebrate #BroncoDay with ‘OJ The Musical’

OJ The Musical
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What were you doing 20 years ago this week? Well, if you were in the U.S. (and at least, let’s say, 10 years old at the time), you were probably glued to the television, watching the most infamous car chase in history. We didn’t know it then, but we were living in a time of innocence: before Kato Kaelin became a household name (as history’s daffiest houseguest), before we could identify an Akita by its bark, before the “trial of the century” and its results divided the country in awkward shock and awe.

Yes, June 17 was the 20th anniversary of OJ Simpson’s long, sad ride in a white Bronco, following the (still unsolved) murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. If you’re like me, you know just where you were — I was a bridesmaid at a rehearsal dinner for a friend’s wedding in DC, sneaking away to the bar to watch a split screen featuring “the chase” on one side and the NBA finals on the other. (The Knicks won that night, but eventually lost to the Rockets in Game 7. Of course.)

There will be a lot of reminiscing and ‘memory lane’ pieces this month — for a refresher, check out Vanity Fair‘s ‘Where Are They Now’ piece, which reminded me that the OJ trial was also our introduction to the Kardashians, though we didn’t know the consequences of that yet, either — but nothing else quite like a new mockumentary that drops on VOD and digital platforms on Tuesday, aka #BroncoDay.

OJ The Musical — think Waiting for Guffman with lawyers — features Jordan Kenneth Kamp as a theatrical misfit with a sudden inspiration. He moves from NYC to Los Angeles, where he challenges a mismatched cast and crew to create a modern-day musical version of Othello. The kicker? It’s based on the life of OJ Simpson. Spoiler: the gloves don’t fit.

Before you download the movie on Tuesday (do it for Lance Ito), check out the trailer, complete with the casting of Mark Fuhrman as Iago:

Directed by Jeff Rosenberg, making his feature debut, this wacky farce is fresh off the festival circuit, where it has delighted moviegoers from Woodstock to Santa Barbara; it won the Audience Award at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival.

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Note: A version of this post first appeared on The Huffington Post.