DOC NYC, America’s largest documentary festival, includes over 250 films and events taking place over eight days. Kristin oversaw all social media and email communications in the lead up to the festival and during the festival. Her priorities included building general awareness of the festival, highlighting programming, boosting audience participation, integrating sponsors and reinforcing the festival’s identity. She delivered on all of these objectives flawlessly and was incredibly proactive throughout the process. Kristin is an absolute all-star and we look forward to working with her for many years to come.
               —Raphaela Neihausen, Executive Director of DOC NYC
When our film was nominated for an Academy Award, we knew we needed professional social media help to raise awareness and build a larger audience. We immediately called Kristin, who is incredibly well-respected by the whole documentary community and she jumped onboard. Working with Kristin surpassed all of our already high expectations—her social media approach was impeccable. She was organized, efficient, a pleasure to work with and executed a brilliant social media campaign under tight deadlines. She also doubled our social media followers and was incredibly responsive at all times. We would recommend her without any hesitation.
               —Kahane Cooperman, Oscar®-nominated director of JOE’S VIOLIN
Kristin did an amazing job leading the social media efforts and strategy for our documentary, RUNNING FROM CRAZY. She knew exactly what content would resonate with our followers and how to leverage it in an exciting, relevant way to retain audience interest and also attract new fans. She grew our film’s Facebook likes and Twitter followers exponentially, which helped tremendously in getting the word out about our film. We owe a lot of the publicity we received to her incredible hard work, creativity and insight!
               —Barbara Kopple, two-time Oscar® winner for Best Documentary
Kristin brings our organization a successful strategy to reach our audiences, a wealth of contacts, as well as a deep passion and knowledge for film. This combination makes her a true asset to our team.
               —David Nugent, Artistic Director, Hamptons International Film Festival
Kristin McCracken has taken her expertise and shared it with the indie film community through her Social Media Handbook, which breaks down each major social media platform into its most important steps. Filmmakers call us all the time just to say how incredibly essential her guidance has been. It’s Kristin’s understand of the platforms, love of indie film, and spirit of generosity that make her gold to the filmmakers she works with an to our industry. She’s making us all savvier!
               —Emily Best, CEO, Seed & Spark
Always available and completely reliable, Kristin McCracken took a few dozen likes on Facebook and turned our page into a dynamic page with over 88,000 engaged fans… a radical jumping-off point for our small independent documentary film. In addition, she provided my team with the tools to maintain our presence in the constantly evolving, ever changing world of social networking on all the major platforms.
               —Suzanne Mitchell, Director, RUNNING WILD: THE LIFE OF DAYTON O. HYDE 
Kristin developed the social media campaign for my feature documentary and exceeded expectations by all accounts. She not only understands exactly where and how to promote an independent film but, she is a terrific writer, was able to quickly adapt to the tone of our film and audience, and succeeded in growing our fan base exponentially.
               —Sasha Reuther, Director/Producer, BROTHERS ON THE LINE
Kristin was a tremendous asset to our team with her first-hand experience and perspective and first-rate contacts and execution. She had all our social media needs covered, often before I even knew what they were or how valuable they would prove to be.
               —Trace Sheehan, Boomdozer Inc., Producer, LOVE & AIR SEX
Kristin helped us to jumpstart a successful social media campaign around our latest film. She introduced us to a new way of thinking about how to spread our message while reaching a new and expanded audience. I can’t imagine a film being released today without someone like Kristin as part of the marketing team.
                —David Cassidy, Producer, Cabin Creek Films