‘Creed’ Star Michael B. Jordan Receives Rainmaker Award at Maui Film Festival

Though only 29, Michael B. Jordan has already developed a 15-year filmography full of intense roles on both television and the silver screen. After kicking things off at the age of 14 with a season of The Wire, he spent three years as football phenom Vince Howard in Friday Night Lights. Since then, he has moved on to lead film roles in critical favorites such as FRUITVALE STATION and last year’s CREED, among others.

Jordan was recently honored with the Rainmaker Award at the 2016 Maui Film Festival on June 16, 2016, which “honors a film artist for having the mysteriously magical ability to profoundly and positively impact the creative dynamics of every project he or she is involved in both on the set and on the screen.”

In this clip, he discusses the mystical powers of the island of Maui.

Getty Video for the Maui Film Festival

Note: A version of this post first appeared on The Huffington Post.