KINO! Chats: Louis Hofmann on DARK

KINO! Chats is a series of interviews with German filmmakers and talent created by KINO! Germany Now, the digital media brand of German Films in the USA.

In this interview, we catch up with Louis Hofmann, who is featured in the Face to Face with German Films campaign, which shines a spotlight on rising stars in the German Film Industry.

Louis Hofmann has been acting since age 11, and has already received a number of awards for his work. His international premiere was in the Oscar-nominated film from Denmark, LAND OF MINE in 2015, after which he starred in films like ALONE IN BERLIN (with Emma Thompson, THE WHITE CROW (directed by Ralph Fiennes), CENTER OF MY WORLD, PRELUDE, and RED SPARROW, starring Jennifer Lawrence.

After starring in the first German Amazon Prime series YOU ARE WANTED, Louis joined the cast of the first German Netflix series DARK, which has become a huge international sci-fi hit. DARK season three was released worldwide on June 27.